Chefmaster Candy-Flo 2oz



Create the perfect color for your chocolate decorations and eye-catching candies with this Chefmaster candy-flo color maker! Designed for use with Chefmaster liqua-gel colors (sold separately), this candy-flo color can be mixed with the liqua-gel color of your choice to turn any shade into an oil-based coloring that mixes effortlessly with fat-based ingredients to help you achieve the perfect hue without breaking emulsions. While liqua-gel colors alone cannot be used in chocolate, candy, or compound coatings, this product makes it possible to use your favorite liqua-gel colors in oil-based recipes. It’s easy to use, making it a perfect way for veteran bakers and beginners alike to achieve the perfect shade for every application!

To use this candy-flo color maker, begin by combining it with your desired liqua-gel color. Thanks to the concentrated formula of the liqua-gel colors, only a few drops of this mixture are needed to achieve a vibrant color. Begin by adding one drop of the mixture at a time until you’ve reached your desired shade! This product is perfect for applications where a water-based coloring would break the emulsions of your oil-based ingredients. Try using it in recipes like cake pops, white chocolates, molded chocolates, candy apples, peppermint bark, or candy-covered swirl cookies! This oil-based candy color will dazzle your customers and set your products apart from the competition!

With over 75 years of experience creating edible coloring products, Chefmaster knows what it takes to create solutions for all your coloring needs! Their lines of food coloring, airbrush colors, and baking supplies are all formulated for ease of use, allowing you to let your creativity take charge. Whether you’re decorating cupcakes for a birthday party or creating baked goods at an industrial level, they offer high-quality dispersions and color formulations for every task. Life is colorful – use Chefmaster products to add your unique touch to confections!