7 Cavity Silicone Pancake Mold




  • EASY TO USE — New design of handles for easy flip. The product is dedicated to non-stick pans, simple and easy to use, and is a must for most kitchen enthusiasts.
  • USE WIDELY — Silicone pancake molds perfect for egg, muffins, mini pancakes, small omelets, poached eggs, burgers & more. DIY fantastic healthy shaped foods for your kids and family.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL — BPA Free, and food grade silicone material. so you can use it on a pan to make perfect shaped pancakes.
  • TIME SAVINGS — Save your precious time with our silicone form because you can prepare up to 7 pancakes at the same time with this extravagant kitchen tool, thus optimally utilizing the entire surface of the pan.
  • EASY TO CLEAN and STORE — After use, the silicone mold can be easily cleaned with hot water or placed in the dishwasher. In the wardrobe she takes very little space, because With hanging hole design, it can be hung anywhere in the kitchen. Convenient storage.


Material: food grade silicone
Color: Red
Weight: 280 grams (9.87 ounces)
Temperature Safe: from -104 to +446 degrees Fahrenheit

Before use it, please read following tips:
1. Put oil on the mold and pan with brush before use it.
2. Don’t use curved pan, the mold must lay Flat in the pan, preheated pan , then pressing mold with spatula to form seal to avoid seeping.
3. Lay batter with half of the height, not too much, it will expand over.
4. Put a lid on the pan, if you want speed up cooking.
5. Before flip it, make sure the batter dry and not runny. Please grab 2 extended ear moving left and right, let the whole separate from pan, then flip.


1. Warming both sides of the pancake silicone mold so that it fits the pan better.
2. Make sure to use a thicker batter rather than a traditional thin batter.
3. The pancake molds be sure not to flip too early and don’t put too much batter in the cutouts.
4. Do not wash it with sharp or metal tools and make sure the flat bottom ring is flat on the pan, so there will be no leakage.